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Neman Glassworks


“NEMAN Glassworks” is an enterprise with century traditions of glass melting and 120-year old story.

In 1883 the followers of masters from the famous Diatkovo factory J.Stolle and V.Kraevski organized the production of glass on the picturesque bank of the river Neman.

A small factory with one glass melting furnace and twenty workers producing pharmaceutical and brewer’s ware turned into a modern enterprise using all the world technologies of production of glass and crystal tableware with 4.5 thousand workers carrying out shipment to any country of the world by sea, air and railway transport.

OJSC “NEMAN Glassworks” is responding immediately to the change of the market conjuncture and holding balanced economic and marketing policy. It helps to hold the leading position in the field of production and sales of glassware in the world market.

NEMAN goods are noted for modern and fashionable design, constantly renewed collection, competitive prices. Every year the designers create thousands of new models, their quality is marked by a number of international certificates and awards presented in different specialized exhibitions. Neman’s goods are in popular demand all over the world including Western Europe, the USA and Canada, countries of the East. Our constant partners are the companies Spiegelau, Nachtmann, Cristal de Paris, Dumont, Sandra Rich.

Today NEMAN glass is first of all:

crystal, clear and colored glass items with all types of decoration;

tableware for home, café, restaurants, interior decoration of houses and offices and just a wonderful present for any occasion.