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Slonim town

12 hours

Slonim town (210 km from Minsk) is the centre of the Slonim district, Grodno region, situated at the confluence of the Shchara and Isa rivers. According to archaeological data, a fortified settlement on the territory of the modern day city may have been founded in 1036. The Catholic Church dating from the 16-17 century. The Bernardinian Convent dating from the 17 century.  The synagogue 17-19 century.

Village Zhirovichi (10 km from Slonim) is a famous village. The only seminary in Belarus, the Minsk Priesthood Seminary, is operating there. The Zhirovichi Convent and Monastery (circa 1613-1650) is a set of buildings of architectural and historical importance. This convent and monastery hold one of the most revered icons of Maria called the “Icon of Zhirovitsy’s God’s Mother”.  Yavlenskaya Church (circa 1672) and Cross-Erecting Church (circa 1768) play an important role in the architectural composition of the monastery.