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Since VI century east-Slavic tribe of Dregovichy has been settling along the river Pripyat. They chose Turov as their centre. It united waterways from Baltic and Black seas, from Polotsk and Volyn principalities, from capital Kiev. After Polotsk Turov was the second centre of Old Slavic State system and culture in Belarus. In X – XII centuries in accordance with level of State system and enlightenment Turov didn’t yield to Novgorod and Kiev. As many historians assume, in 1005 one of the first Orthodox episcopacies in Old Russia arose exactly here. The Turov Gospel of XI century is one of the most valuable monuments of Old Russian written language. In XII century bishop of Turov, preacher, theologian, poet and orator Saint Cyril lived and created in Turov. Turov is a spiritual relic of the whole east Slavdom. In “Nestor's chronicles” the oldest Russian chronicle it was mentioned 28 times, that undoubtedly says about its historical importance.

The sights: Castle’s place (found during archaeological excavations cultural layer reflects Turov’s history of XI – XIII centuries); church of the whole Saints (monument of wooden architecture of the beginning of XIX century); marvel cross (growing from under the land on cemetery of Boris - Gleb); monument of Cyril of Turov (placed in 1993); museum of local lore; museum of nature of National Park “Pripyatsky”; walks by motor ships on Pripyat.