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National Park "Braslav Lakes"

16 hours

National Park "Braslav Lakes" (in the northwest of the country at 250 km from Minsk) is one of the most beautiful places in Belarus. The park was created in 1995, its territory is about 70,000 hectares. The unique ecological environment of this Lakeland has the features of the glacial period. The total area of the "mirror" of those lakes scattered around in the hilly relief is 183 sq. km. And each of them has its own distinctive peculiarity. The maximum depth of the lake South Volos is 40.4 m, water limpidity in some lakes reaches 10m. Lake Strusto has the second largest isle in Belarus - Chaichyn, which in its turn has its own small inner lake. Water ecological systems with diverse and sometimes unique flora and fauna are the main wealth of the Braslav Lakes. They have more than 800 types of plants, 20 of them are rare and disappearing, they are registered in the Red Book and are under the State protection. There are more than 30 types of fish in the lakes. One of them is the eel, which is industrially grown. About 35% of all the birds nesting in Belarus are concentrated on the territory of the park. 45 of them are registered in the Red Book. Such rare animals as badgers, lynxes, brown bears, fly-squirrels, lots of elks, wild boars, roe deer. The centre of the National Park is live in the local forests Braslav, one of the most ancient towns in Belarus, was first mentioned in early XI century.

National Park Braslav Lakes National Park Braslav Lakes National Park Braslav Lakes
National Park Braslav Lakes